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Your Pile Is Our Pleasure


Business owners look NO further!

At Balance ME Bookkeeping we know that accurate, timely bookkeeping, is absolutely crucial to proper accounting, and one of the most essential tasks of ANY business. Without proper bookkeeping, your business could very quickly come to a screeching halt!! Proper accounting is as vital to running your business as food is vital to running your body: In both cases you won’t get very far without it.


 Let’s face it, bookkeeping is important in any business small or large sized. Sad to say, this process is often neglected which has a direct adverse effect on the business.  Some businesses fail due to financial mismanagement while others have weak or no accounting records or books on hand. Our certified friendly staff at Balance ME Bookkeeping will help you stay on track with your business’s financial development while helping you make smart financial decisions to help your business grow and flourish.




Keep in mind:

  • Bookkeeping is not a profit center, so it tends to have a relatively low priority for business owners.
  • Most business owners find that bookkeeping is about as interesting as a trip to the dentist: It may be absolutely necessary, but it sure isn’t something you look forward to.
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So don’t hand that box of receipts to your CPA and save the headache during tax season!! Let us help YOU save thousands by getting you all prepared for tax time! Know your bottom line monthly, and plan your financial future better! We will help get your life and business in balance!



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